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This would have sufficed. But no! Unlike hero classes, the factions present in the game are well balanced. However, it is a little awkward to see different races under the same banner and sharing the same HQ. Humans, elves and dwarves fight together under the Realm banner. The backbone of the Clans is made up of orchish, barbarian and troll units, while the Pact is a mix of dark elves, shadows and gargoyles. Eventually, the Shaikan will gather them all under his leadership. I cannot say it is a bad thing to the jack of all traits, but it would have been interesting to be able to choose sides, in effect having the possibility to replay the game in a different manner. Surprisingly enough, the story will help you feel as if you have betrayed one side or another, but this feeling won't last as soon as you'll realize that the campaign is fairly linear. The delicate side of this matter is that Daedra are immortal, destroying their earthly, finite shell only "sends them back into Oblivion". There, after a period of slumber they regain their state of conscience but with a somewhat new personality and protonymic (the energetic component of the Daedra). This doesn't mean the Daedra change their form or identity (Azura will always be Azura, and a scamp will return from its banishment as filthy as ever), it only means that - though, still debatable - a returned Daedra can acquire an immunity to the form of energy that destroyed it. Therefore, Daedra will always return to the mortal plane no matter how many times they are sent back. Therefore, it matters less whether the Hero of Cyrodiil succeeds to banish the Deadric Lord back into his realm, but how he accomplishes it. There isn't any accurate history of the solitaire games, as the first written data about them was recorded during the Napoleonic era (19th century). The first author of solitaire game rules was Lady Adelaide Cadogan (probably because after the Civil War there was not a single male left in North America), followed suit, shortly thereafter, by several other people including E.D. Chaney ("Patience"), and An

Interacting with the environment was OK in the PC version, but I didn't expect the PS 2 version to do so good in this field. The story is just a pretext to get the game started. You might be wondering where the cutscene from the beginning of the game is. It must have been forgotten, with all the rest of the cutscenes. You'll have text to tell the story. It's simple: the great evil Republic invaded a little East European country to take its oil supplies. The Ghanaian man named Addo must have had an upset stomach while hearing about this so he grabs a car, a gun and two ladies and starts fighting against the Republic and its evil leader, the Iron Lady. Is it just me or is there a communist feeling with all this Republic talk and the Iron Lady stuff? It might just be the numerous red star symbols present throughout the game. Anyway, the game is all about shooting the Republic's men and delivering packages to the resistance boys. Addo's helps will be two women, Viktoria, the Swedish girl that graduated political science and works in international aid and peace keeping and Isabel, born in the Philippines, a driver for an oil company. The attack level can be increased and also the power gauge can go up, so you'd better be careful with your points. There are other things to do if killing 200 guys seems like a walk in the park and one of those things is called: "easy mission". Well, Easy Mission Mode must be fun, but it comprises 10 levels, each with 10 missions to complete. Completing the missions isn't an impossible task, as each of them is a battle that starts with your character having some sort of a handicap. You'll have 75% attack power, or no guard, your life will start dropping or maybe you'll have the task to defeat an opponent by using only one special move. For me, this was better than training, because I was able to learn faster when the enemy fighter would strike back. I must say that describing the challenge mode has been challenging so far and the sub-mode I forgot to tell you about is pretty much the most interesting of them all. The Extra Mission Mode is not as much a fighting game, as it is a button mashing against time. There's also an Akrid that produces electric current and you won't be damaged by it, instead your VS and any other ship or gear will stop functioning because of the electrical shock. Throwing grenades is probably the most fun thing to do in Lost Planet, as it provides you with eye candy and dispatches many Akrids at a time. If the difficulty of the standard enemies is pretty average, the bosses pretty tough to beat, even if they have the same weak spot to aim for. Rocker launchers will usually do the job, even if you're fighting creatures that are ten time the size of a normal Akrid. The title's physics are also well built and we'll see Wayne falling on the ground when a huge block falls near him or he'll be tripping (not the slang word) when the earth's shaking. You'll use the two analog sticks to get around and one moves the camera, while the other is used to move the character. There are no camera and control problems whatsoever and it seems that the days of console trademark camera problems are over. If you've tried the baseball game before, this will be extremely familiar, because it's all about swinging the club after pressing the A button. After the hit check out the length of your strike, measured in yards and admire the fairway while aiming for the faraway flag that signals the presence of a hole. When playing golf in a one-on-one mode, players will take turns, being allowed to hit the ball once, each time. Different distances and terrains require different clubs so you're going to need either the iron, the driver, the wedge or the putter. Change them by pressing up or down on the directional pad. When you'll finally take the shot, the vibration function kicks in making the strike more realistic. The funny names that show just how good you were while playing the game are still here and you'll see stuff like ?bogey?, ?birdie? or ?double bogey? written on the screen after reaching the hole. Of course you may be some sort of master and get a hole-in-one, but I doubt that's possible in Wii Sports. Everything moves in Cold Fear, camera included and the visual effects will please even those that played the Xbox or PC version


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